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The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is the largest defense program ever developed. The effort to produce 3 versions of the aircraft is billions of dollars over budget plan and a minimum of five years behind schedule. At least ten nations will buy an estimated 3,100 of the controversial jets through 2035.

The tiny country of Denmark, planning to replace its age-old 48-strong F-16A Fighting Falcon fleet, is acquiring 27 F-35As. And the nation's armed forces, the Forsvaret, are revealing off simply exactly what the aircraft can do.

The twelve minute video is slicker and a lot more intriguing than any other F-35 video produced to this day. The video celebrates a Royal Danish Air Force F-16 (nicknamed "210") lent to the F-35 program. A "chase" plane, 210's role is as wingman to check planes as they are executed their paces at Edwards Air Force Base in southern California.

While the video is normally about the flight test assistance, it also consists of some amazing video footage. The video consists of low-level flight, AMRAAM read more air-to-air missile launches, Joint Directed Attack Munition precision-guided bomb drops, and even aerial shooting the F-35's three-barrel gatling weapon.

The most extraordinary video is of the high angle of attack/out of control testing, when the F-35 flies listed below stall speed and starts to fall out of control. The F-35 pilot is still able to point the nose where he or she wants it, guaranteeing the aircraft can resume and recuperate flight-- on almost any heading. It's a hell of a trick, and one that makes sure to come in helpful sooner or later.

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